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Image by Jo Van de kerkhove

The NWSAM has a long history with several incarnations over the years.  At one point we were allied with MT, WY, and HI. For a number of years, the chapter was quiescent. It was revived in 2018 with a new charter and bylaws, covering the states of MT, ND, and WY.

In order to start a state ASAM chapter, a minimum of 10 members must vote their support. When NWSAM was revived in 2018, ND and WY did not have the minimum number of members necessary, so it was offered to them to be included in this chapter. Since then, each of them have grown, and at some point they may decide to form their own chapter. While the majority of our members are currently from MT, we work to include the interests and needs of all our member states.

According to our bylaws, we have 4 officers – President, Immediate Past-President, Secretary, and Treasurer (click here for information about our current officers). Terms are for 2 years and each officer may serve up to 2 consecutive terms.

The majority of our financial support comes from member fees, assessed through ASAM. While we have an enthusiastic and committed core group of members, we are small compared to larger state chapters and therefore we do not have an operating director or separate offices at this time.

Our goal is to continue to represent ASAM and our membership in our states and growing and increasing our visibility while working towards supporting our members and their patients.

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